Robert Weiner, P.E.
IEEE Member

Programming Plus
2503 Avenue X
Brooklyn, NY 11235-2401
Tel: 718 648 6902
Fax: 718 648 7449
Email: Contact Consultant
Hardware & Software Computer Consulting Services
Administration, Development, Engineering, Integration & Support
Key Phrases
Independent Consulting and Professional Engineering Services
Hardware & Software Computer Consulting Services and Sales
Software Design and Development, Problem Solving
Communications, Networking, Internet, Security and Firewalls
Windows 95/NT
Databases and Data Management
Embedded Systems, Hardware, Software and Controls
Networks - LAN/WAN - Other
Expert Witness

PROGRAMMING PLUS provides independent consulting and professional engineering services in the fields of computer software and hardware.

Specialties include computer consulting, software design and development, analysis, algorithm development, product development, problem solving, portability and application porting, performance enhancements and optimizations, systems integration and testing, debugging and troubleshooting, communications and networking, Internet connectivity and servers, firewalls, Internet and network security, operating system internals and cross-platform systems administration.

Our Development and Systems Administration Services support numerous platforms using a variety of languages, databases and operating systems.

Production systems and environments are integrated using custom software and administration tools combined with multi-vendor cross-platform hardware and software solutions.

Programming Plus also provides software and hardware procurement consulting including specifications, evaluations, installations, customizations, upgrades and sales.

Celebrating 30+ years in business.

For further information, please reference the
PROGRAMMING PLUS Computer Consulting and Professional Engineering Services Web Site.

Software Tool Expertise: Services: Electrical/Electronics Engineering, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Systems Engineering, Forensic Engineering/Expert Witness, Professional Engineering, Computer Consulting. For: Computer Systems, Databases, Communications, Networks, Internet, Security. Perform: Systems Administration, Development, Integration, Testing, Support. Platforms: Embedded, Microprocessor, Microcomputer, SBC/SFF, Desktop, Workstation, Server, Mainframe, Cluster, VM/Virtual. Operating Systems ( UNIX, LINUX, BSD, VMS, WINDOWS, DOS ):: UNIX: ( SCO/Xinuos OpenServer, OpenUnix, UnixWare, Xenix, Sun/Oracle Solaris, SunOS, OpenSolaris, SGI IRIX, IBM AIX, HP HP-UX, DEC Ultrix, others ); LINUX: ( Caldera, CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Knoppix, Mandrake, Mandriva, OpenLinux, RedHat, SuSE, Trinux, Ubuntu, UnitedLinux, Embedded, others ); BSD: ( BSD/OS, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, others ); VMS: ( OpenVMS, VAX/VMS ); Windows: ( Windows Server, Windows Workstation, Windows Desktop, Windows Embedded ); DOS: ( CP/M, CCP/M, DR-DOS, FreeDOS, MS-DOS, OpenDOS, PC-DOS, others ). Computer Languages: C/C++, Pascal, FORTRAN, RATFOR, BASIC, Perl, PHP, Assembly, Yacc, Lex, 4GL, SQL, Embedded SQL, Dynamic SQL, Web HTML, Dynamic HTML, CGI Interfaces, others. Databases: db, dbm, Custom, Informix, MySQL, Oracle, Oracle RDB, Sybase, SQL Server, others. Scripting/Shells: sh, ksh, csh, bash, DCL, DOS/Windows Command, others.

Available for contract engineering.


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